Business reorganization

Organization Management

Need lighting to better decide?

D A & C. Listen and analyze your company, its functions, its accounting, its human resources … through a pre-audit.

D A & C Provides analysis that facilitates decision-making.

D A & C Set up relevant management tools, adapted to your company.
They are personalized, fast and easy to update.

D A & C. Created training tailored to SMEs

D A & C to already reorganized businesses wrote several “Unique Document”,
organized and conducted training,

D A & C. to a risk management approach

Rates: On quotation offered.

D A & C, founding member of the “N’Oeuf Croissance” network,
applies proven methods.

Eric DAUVIN. is trained in NLP and Process Communication at the Institut Repères, these skills allow us to bring with kindness a methodology of personal and professional efficiency.

For the record: NLP aims at the integration of a positive and constructive vision of the man, the acquisition of operational tools to develop skills related to the interpersonal communication, the learning and the change of the individuals and the organizations .

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