East Europe Département

DAUVIN Advis’ & Capital by means of its Department of Eastern Europe performs with the utmost efficiency the following activities to the benefit of the regional mid-market Companies from Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, namely:

  • studies of prospects of the areas in terms of economy, industry development, basing upon natural and human resources,
  • market surveys, market consulting within different sectors,
  • assistance in the technology transfer,
  • strategies of the market entry for French industrialists and action plans for Western investors,
  • management consulting, search for Western partners and investors.

DAUVIN Advis’ & Capital makes use of the abilities of the Association of Experts “X Cap Stratégy” specializing in financing of French and international enterprises and experience of associated professionals specializing in the emerging markets of the post-Soviet zone:

  • we analyze with Western investors and industrialists concerning economic, social, ecological and natural resource aspects,
  • we perform special assessments of the economical, fiscal and market environments within regions of Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan,
  • we realistically examine the current economic situation and effective ways of integration of the private sector Companies from the post-Soviet zone into the world economic system,
  • we develop the start-up business strategies, pre-feasibility assessments and feasibility studies of different economy development projects for mid-market Companies, for development of natural resources and local markets,
  • we are especially involved in the strategic business planning for mid-market Companies, feasibility studies and the outsourcing management of the investment projects.

DAUVIN Advis’ & Capital with the assistance of the Business France, French consular organizations, networks of European industrialists and experts have developed operational solutions for investment attraction into Russian, Ukraine, Kazakhstan Companies within the sectors:

  • wood
  • initial wood transformation: harvesting, sawing
  • secondary wood transformation: sawn boards, pellets, glued planks,
  • wood waste valorisation: calorific energy production
  • petrochemicals
  • primary oil processing industry
  • methanol production
  • natural resources
  • quarrying
  • mineral transformation
  • investments for the property projects 
  • commercial property
  • logistical infrastructures
  • development of local markets
  • territorial tourism industry
  • local consumption products
  • polyvalent territorial economy