Parce-que prétendre avoir toutes les compétences est une illusion.

Parce-que vouloir le meilleur pour son client est essentiel

Parce-que s’entourer est indispensable

DAUVIN Advis’ & Capital

Because pretending to have all the skills is an illusion.

Because wanting the best for your client is essential

Because surround yourself is essential

DAUVIN Advis’ & Capital
Is co-founder of the Neuf Croissance network composed of:
Next executive: Specialist in Private Fundraising: Business Angels, Investment Funds
High Invest: specialist in putting in contact with technological investors
Helium Consulting: Specialist in ICN and IRC European Grants
SNJ Avocat : Specialist in business law; secure fundraising for example, Spécialist numérique protection.
Interexpand: Specialist in International Business Law; international development and merger acquisition.

outside this network, Other occasional skills may be required in different areas