Grant Search

D A & C In-depth knowledge of the sources of subsidy.
– Did you imagine that there was not one but several sources of funding?

D A & C Research and complete your grant application files
Assemble, deposit, follow, accompany a grant application
for an uncertain result, ask about 35 to 40 hours see more … Do you have time? Do you know the justification of the expectations of granting agencies?

D A & C Know the communities well and master the procedures:
• create the file (s) from your data,
• the deposit  and the following,
• accompanies the request to each interlocutor.

D A & C. founding member of the network “N’Oeuf growth”, applies proven methods.

We always start with a pre-audit to quickly evaluate the possibilities according to the projects of the company “Offered”.

We then carry out, with the manager, a complete situation audit that includes a financial analysis and a forecast over 3 or 5 years.

We identify funding and cash requirements to look for potential sources of government support, bonuses or subsidies, but also other funding channels to incorporate them into the forecast.

It is a complete analysis of the company and the projects, which is followed by a personalized support of the manager. We are not brokers and we do not represent any organization, but we have partnerships to integrate, for example, potential tax credits into our solution.

Rates: On quotation offered.


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